Our products help people understand each other better

Over the years, we have gained loyal customers and grown our business reputation as a product design and development company offering innovative digital solutions. We are proud to successfully work with our long-term customers on multiple projects and bring high quality products to the market. Today, our company develops products in two directions: education and the hospitality industry.


We closely cooperate with a wide range of language learning institutions in Asia, especially in China:
● public schools;
● evening language classes;
● different language courses and centres;
● etc.
We offer modern mobile solutions for all students at all levels to master language learning in a fun and engaging way. Through advanced neurolinguistic techniques coupled with powerful speech recognition technology, we allow students to learn languages and develop necessary skills anywhere, anytime with better results and at lower cost compared to other traditional methods. With us, learning happens everywhere, it is no longer limited to the four walls of a classroom. Our holistic solutions promote greater student engagement and allow accurate performance measurement and real-time feedback. With our products, innovative language learning resources are at the student’s fingertips.

Qooco Talk

Qooco Talk revolutionizes the way you learn to speak English. With a simple package and topic structure, featuring multiple lessons of various types, Qooco Talk offers an unprecedented spoken English learning solution:
— Well-structured curriculum, starting at a beginner’s level, becoming more
challenging as you progress through the lessons
— Featuring matching lessons, listening lessons, and speaking lessons – words, phrases, and simple conversations
— Motivating and fun learning games
— Advanced Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine, instantly analyzes and
scores every word you say, providing color-coded feedback to help you improve your English pronunciation
— Cloud-based, for learning anytime, anywhere
— Hundreds of lessons available for students, from Primary 1 to Primary 6
— Comprehensive reporting system for parents and teachers


Qooco Kids is an interactive English ABC learning game for kids aged 3-6. It combines the latest pedagogy in language learning and game design, making preschool language learning fun and effective.

Qooco Kids features vivid 3D and 2D animation to bring kids into fun, real-life scenarios where they can listen to and speak American English. It features words and dialogues recorded by professional Hollywood voice actors, and uses Qooco’s proprietary Automatic Speech Recognition engine to provide instant analysis and actionable feedback for every word your preschooler says.

Kids are led through the exciting alphabet learning journey by an adorable fox. In addition to listening and speaking exercises, the fox guides students through learning channels that feature visual recognition lessons, cartoons, funny sound effects, and interactive games. Along the way, the fox celebrates progress and provides encouragement when needed, guiding each child to improved language skills. With Qooco Kids, children will learn to communicate in American English, with a focus on speaking about themselves, their families, school, and other places and people they encounter in everyday life


Pronunciations kids are infatuated with: Hollywood animation voice actors dubbing — giving baby the best pronunciation experience.
Exercises kids are focused on: International language experts design exercises based on children’s second language acquisition theory — letting kids participate with curiosity and concentrate on learning.
Interface kids fall in love with: Full 3D animation simulates kids’ life scenario in HD; highly used vocabulary and sentence patterns.
Functions that reassure parents: 15 minutes a day — protecting baby’s eyesight and cultivating learning interest with ease.
Qooco Kids is an interactive English ABC learning game for kids aged 3-6. It combines the latest pedagogy in language learning and game design, making preschool language learning fun and effective


The main customers and users of this product line are:
● large hotel chains;
● cruise ships;
● a wide range of professional courses;
● HR agencies.
We help our customers test the level of the speaking English of their employees and fill their knowledge gaps if necessary. Our educational applications teach the relevant vocabulary of the hospitality industry and simulate real-life scenarios enabling students to improve their professional skills and, as a result, provide higher quality services. Contact us to learn more if you want your staff to perform better in the workplace.

Boost Voice

Enhance your staff’s comprehension, speaking and vocabulary skills in Mandarin and/or English with Boost Voice. Course content is department specific and has been developed by hoteliers. It provides a highly interactive continuous learning experience, teaching employees to speak a language that is most relevant to their workplace.

Boost Upsell

A situational upselling training tool that enables hotel staff to position and capture additional revenues in-hotel or on-property, through food and beverage upsells, room upgrades, and promotional specials. Boost Upsell features self-paced lesson plans and multiple Asian and European support languages, for front of house including Food and Beverage, Front Office and Lounge management.

Boost Skills

A highly cost effective and scalable vocational training solution, Boost Skills features over 130+ practical lessons that simulate real life service scenarios in food and beverage (F&B) service and housekeeping. The app provides self-paced lesson plans designed to improve service delivery standards and consistency across both disciplines.