Qooco Development is a product development company that addresses the specific needs of different customers in the field of education.
Based in Kyiv, Ukraine, we are a diverse team with our marketing departments in Singapore, Beijing, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Canada, and the USA.
For the past few years, we have designed, developed and launched a number of award-winning educational applications for our largest customer on the Asian market. Starting with an understanding of the business requirements, customer market and the overall proposition, we have shaped digital products which have had a real impact on the day-to-day lives of the users. As of today, these innovative digital learning solutions have been introduced in more than 600 schools across China, they have been used and highly rated by more than 300,000 student users and more than 200 five-star hotel chain customers worldwide. It is our proud and joy to empower language learners around the world to develop the confidence and skills to speak English and Mandarin Chinese.

Speaking-training application

Thousands of certified foreign teachers

Personalized service

Comprehensive curriculum structure

Education ranking system

Flip teaching assistant system

Online learning tracking system

Five-in-one teaching mode

Diverse learning system